Sunday, August 21, 2011


Thursday, March 31, 2011


I had such a chill day.

Woke up at 10. Got the day off of school today. After I got up, I went on the computer, and did a little blogging. After that, I worked out for a bit, and decided to go for a run because of the beautiful weather. After that, I took a really refreshing shower to cool off. Then I went over to my friend's house, where we made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We decided to go to our local lake, Lake Chabot, for a man-picnic. I've been going over to the lake a lot more lately, and I'm really glad that I live so close to such a beautiful place. After that, we went back to his house and hung out for a bit, until I had to go to a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned. I swear that hygienist lady was hitting on me. Went back to my friend's house after that and played guitar outside. I really love being outside during the evening of a previously hot day. The air feels so cool and refreshing. After a while, I went home and ate some dinner and watched the San Jose Sharks beat the Dallas Stars by a score of 6-0. Though the events that transpired throughout my day weren't necessarily the most exciting, I think I had a good day just because I've just been in a really nice mood today. Hopefully tomorrow is just as good! Tomorrow I have my first day of orientation for my new job at Target. Gotta go buy me a red shirt...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


God damn, Chipotle was full today. The line was practically out the door. I thought I was going to get some food, not wait in line for Space Mountain!

Anyways, lately I've been watching episodes of that old Nickelodeon show Kenan & Kel. That show was seriously so sweet. I've finished the first season and I'm about halfway through the second. Anyone remember that show? What other shows do you guys miss?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ironically, I went on another hiatus just after my last post, in which I apologized for my previous disappearance. I'm gonna try to start this blog up again for a while, even though I've been kind of busy.

I'll make this post kind of an "introduction", though I've been posting for a while.
First off... my username is really stupid because I just had to come up with something quick and it's kind of a combination of inside jokes between my friends and I. Anyways, I'm 18. I go to college (community college, if you must know. Hey, I'm just getting my general education for now!). I play ice hockey, but I'm on kind of a break from that for now. I play guitar. I work at Target (just got hired, though, so I'm still waiting for my orientation thing). Well, I suppose that's about it for now. I'll probably post tomorrow or the day after!